Session 7a

Friday November 26 - 11.45am to 12.30pm (AEST)

11.45am - 12.30pm

Session 7A


Screen-casting: putting learners centre stage: creating simple videos

Kirsty Macafee and Elizabeth Gunn, RMIT University College of Vocational Education


Download this software before the workshop.


Research reveals post-secondary students value accessible, relatable teaching materials that confer personal agency and extend learning at a manageable pace. Narrated screencast videos are simple ways to turn static formats – websites, pdf and word files, photos, 2D screen images – into dynamic, conversational, engaging learning resources. Screencasts take learners further, exploring unfamiliar spaces and tasks related to their course. Students’ confidence increases when they hear a calm voice patiently taking them through the steps of learning processes and tasks.

In this workshop, you will use freely available software* to create simple narrated screencast learner videos. The supportive nature of the online session means you’ll painlessly add a few more digital skills to your tool kit. You’ll finish equipped with videos that your learners can watch multiple times to consolidate learning.


Kirsty Macafee

Kirsty Macafee


Kirsty is a Learning Designer with RMIT College of Vocational Education and is currently working on projects to improve digital literacy outcomes for students. Kirsty has a background as an Educator in VE where she developed an extensive library of ‘bite size’ video resources using low production values which support students as they learn new skills and concepts.

Since implementing this methodology, Kirsty has become increasingly interested in the social partnership created between students and teachers and has carried this approach through to her current design role.

Elizabeth Gunn

Elizabeth Gunn


Elizabeth is an educator, writer and advocate of post-secondary literacy, language and numeracy education. She’s interested in multimodality, digitisation, and helping students manage learning in complex environments. She is a member of Valbec journal Fine Print’s editorial team, Valbec President, and in her spare time is learning how to make low production ‘bite size’ videos.