Tips and tricks to make them work for your students and you


The abrupt shift to online learning and teaching has, for many, involved a scramble to come to grips with a host of new platforms, tools and functions. One of these is breakout Rooms, which are a common feature of most online teaching/learning platforms. However, it is not always clear how to best make use of this feature or to see how they can be a meaningful way in which to allow students to engage with material without having to rely on uni-directional teacher-student interaction patterns. This presentation aims to demonstrate a few handy tools that teachers and their students can take into breakout rooms and show what a handy resource they can be.

The session will be a quick overview of some resources which are quick and easy to prepare and which can help teachers make meaningful use of breakout rooms in their classes.


Tom Gaffney

Tom Gaffney

RMIT University

I have recently begun working as an LLN practitioner after over a decade as an English Language Teacher in Australia and overseas. As both a teacher and LLN, one of my main areas of interest in finding classroom strategies that are meaningful and engaging to enhance the learning experience.