Individualising learning Phenomenon-Based Learning (PhBL)


As a 2020 Department of Education & Training (DET) Fellow, I am currently undertaking a research project on Phenomenon-based Learning (PhBL), an inquiry-oriented teaching approach championed by Finland. I am investigating the pedagogy in terms of its infrastructural requirements and find out the reasons for its success within Finland and whether that is transferable in the teaching of CALD students within Victoria.

With the help of the proposed research findings, I believe I can implement PhBL in the community-based VET education sector that involves vulnerable clients from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse background for them to enjoy their learning experience. This proposal has the potential to personalise student’s learning and should result in greater independence, enhanced confidence and better employment as well as personal learning outcomes.


Rakesh Saha

Rakesh Saha

AMES Australia

Rakesh Saha is a lead educator at AMES Australia. Rakesh is an experienced EAL/ELICOS practitioner with nearly 15 years of industry experience in teaching, mentoring and management. As a 2020 Department of Education and Training(DET) fellow, Rakesh is currently investigating the Finnish model of Phenomenon-based learning in an attempt to replicate it in the teaching of Culturally and Linguistically diverse(CALD) students within the VET sector to improve learner experience and consequently, more pragmatic outcomes.